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104 Locks      2 women per week


On average 2 women are murdered every week in the UK by current or recently estranged ex-partners, that is 2 women x 52 weeks = 104 deaths every year yet domestic violence is a conversation stopping subject that we insist on keeping firmly under the table. 

This on-going series created to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on the photographer's birthday, November 25th,  was hosted by the Women's Business Centre, East Ham, London during the 2012 Olympic Games.


Signed and numbered prints from this series are available to fit A4 mounts. Framed prints are also available from the exhibition. To find out more or to display this series at your venue email in the first instance stating which images you are interested in, or go to the LOCK SHOP (opens November 25th) to make an on-line purchase. A donation is made to the nia project (formerly known as Hackney Women's Aid) for each print sold.


Did you know....

Domestic violence accounts for between 16% and one quarter of all recorded violent crime.


In any one year, there are 13 million separate incidents of physical violence or threats of violence against women from partners or former partners.

At least 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime

In between 1 in 8 and 1 in 10 women experience domestic violence annually

The estimated total cost of domestic violence to society in monetary terms is £23 billion per annum. 

On average 2 women a week are killed by a male partner or former

partner: this constitutes around one-third of all female homicide victims.

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